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Lotus - Erasmus Mundus Action 2
Tips and tricks for a better application
  • Make sure to read the eligibility criteria in order to define the Target Group and mobility type you want to apply for
  • Check the different language and admission criteria of the partner universities (Lotus website academic offer)  
  • If you are in need of a promoter / supervisor at the host university, please contact the international relations officer at the university. They will be able to help you get in contact with the correct person.
  • Consider contacting the department where you would like to study: this way you will obtain more information on their study opportunities and formalities  
  • Contact the International Relations Office of your home university (Target Group 1 students). Remember that the online application forms of all Target Group 1 students will be screened and validated by the International Relations Office (IRO) of their university.  
  • Bear in mind that all full degree seeking students, i.e. those who intend to obtain a diploma at the host university of their choice, will have to apply both online to the Lotus consortium for a scholarship, and then - if they are selected - also follow the standard individual application procedure at their host university.  
  • Write a good motivation letter with more information about why you want to study abroad, which study program you are planning to enroll in, why you chose certain host universities, how your home and host university will benefit from your mobility,…  
  • Fill in a second choice university to increase your chances of getting a scholarship  
  • Be aware that certain universities are more popular than other universities and so the competition for some universities will be fiercer.  
  • Make sure that all the supporting documents are in English or in a language known to the selection committee.
  • If you were rejected in a previous call, please bear in mind the grounds on which your application was refused and do not hesitate to contact the host universities for further assistance.In accordance with the explicit rule of the European Commission, bachelor mobility under Target Group 2 is not allowed. In other words, you cannot apply for Bachelor mobility unless you are registered in a Lotus partner university (TG1) OR you belong to a vulnerable group (TG3) as stipulated on the website. Any attempt to by-pass this rule by applying under the wrong target group, will result in the dismissal of your application (non-validation of your file).


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