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Lotus - Erasmus Mundus Action 2
  • This project wishes to give South-East Asian students and staff the possibility to go to a European University to improve, enrich,  learn, experience, .... their own knowledge and skills. Moreover, Lotus Unlimited offers the possibility for European students and staff to experience university life in South East Asia.
  • To enable students to benefit in a linguistic, cultural and educational way from the experience of pursuing academic studies in another country, all students should have a thorough command of English (this can only be proven by means of internationally recognized documents, p.e. IELTS certificate, TOEFL, First Certificate of Cambridge, an English diploma, a Degree obtained in English). Please note, however, that this also depends on the language requirements of the host universities within the Lotus project.
  • To promote cooperation between the EU and the Asian countries involved in the project: the project is striving to gradually reinforce the structured long-term cooperation between all partners and to strengthen the relations that were established amongst the partners in the on-going Lotus I, II and III projects. This should in the end result in a sustainable and strong network. The project continues to offer the perfect opportunity to boost the exchange of know-how for curriculum development, new teaching methods, international relations and university management.
  • To enable students to benefit from a study/research period abroad and thus develop a pool from well-qualified, open-minded and internationally experienced young women/men as future leaders. The project aims to bring young people from European and Asian countries closer together by offering opportunities to grantees from the Asia Regional to come to the EU and build up long-lasting relations through their study/research experience in the relevant host country.
  • To promote the regional cooperation in the Asian countries involved by encouraging the strong and experienced partners to guide and share their Best Practice with the lesser experienced partner institutions in the project. Thus training a future generation of academics that fosters a culture of sustainable development and durable growth, and promotes regional integration. The goal is to further nourish the mutual understanding between the countries in that region.
  • To continue striving for and improving the transparency and recognition of studies and qualifications:  the project is focused on mobility and will give explicit attention to the promotion of recognition of studies systems, the (further) implementation of ECTS and Diploma Supplement. 
  • To contribute to give students from vulnerable groups equal chances and thus disseminating EU social and democratic values: 7% of the scholarships is reserved for students from vulnerable and/or disadvantaged groups in the Asian countries involved (refugees, ethnic minorities, internally displaced populations, disabled students, economically disadvantaged students). Lotus I, II and III have proven it to be very difficult to reach possible candidates from these specific groups, so the project aims to continue contacting more active NGO’s and institutions in the region in order to promote the project to this specific target group.
  • To further enhance the skills of staff, who can in their turn contribute to the improvement of the educational system in their home country: 24% of the scholarships are reserved for staff exchange. Academic and administrative staff members applying will have to argument how their mobility period abroad will contribute to structural reforms in their relevant home institution in Asia. Experience from the Lotus I, II and III project has shown that academic and administrative staff consider it an opportunity to gain a new experience, which can be implemented in their own work environment upon their return in their home country.
  • To further pursue enhancing the political, cultural, educational and economic links between the EU and the Asian countries involved in the medium term: this project further plans to improve mutual understanding between the EU and Asia, by continuing to take up the challenge of including not only the obviously stronger countries in Asia but also including more sensitive ones, that are striving to overcome their own political and socio-economic past. The project will carry on planning promotional tours in Myanmar and Cambodia in order to strengthen the relationship with the relevant local authorities and thus gradually changing the overall attitude towards these countries.

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