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Lotus - Erasmus Mundus Action 2
 Erasmus Mundus Alumni Association
 THE ERASMUS MUNDUS Students and Alumni Association (EMA)
Over 15 000 bright international students took part in the Erasmus Mundus programme already. Almost 9000 of them are members of our Association! The EMA offers an international professional and personal network for Erasmus Mundus students and graduates. Its members can join a professional networks and service teams to network and become active within the Association. Jobs board and special enterpreneurship section are offered to members. 
EMA members are ambassadors of the Erasmus Mundus. They share the idea of international education and spread the message around the world. Since its foundation EMA members have initiated or taken part in over 150 fairs, information seminars and promotional activites worldwide, using the promotional materials of EMA.
EMA serves as channel of communication for students, alumni, universities and the European Commission. It has established a Course Quality Advisory Board to respond to the suggestions of the students. Through Programme Representatives and Country Representatives, EMA enables the potential Erasmus Mundus applicants to get in touch with the current students and graduates to receive a piece of advice and recommendations based on the experience of previous generations.

Who can join the Association?
  • newly accepted students of Erasmus Mundus Master or PhD Programmes (only Action 1) who have received an acceptance letter
  • current students and graduates of Erasmus Mundus Master or PhD Programmes (Action 1)
  • alumni of those courses which no longer are offered, but retain the Erasmus Mundus brand

ERASMUS MUNDUS Students and Alumni Association – Southeast Asia Chapter
The SEA chapter unites EMA members from Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.
The idea of establishing EMA SEA Chapter dated back to 1st November 2008, when a group of EMA members gathered in Jakarta for the 3rd EMA networking event and to share their experience in the European Higher Education Fair (EHEF). IThe group recognized the needs to create strong bonding and increase mutual cooperation between EM student/alumni in the region in order to support eachother in areas like employment, providing feedback to Erasmus Mundus Courses, social involvement in the region and promotion of the programme, as well as cooperation with the local EU Delegations. 
  • To promote Erasmus Mundus as a European programme of excellence in international education
  • To strengthen regional cooperation between members from different countries and increase mutual collaboration
  • To serve the interests of the members, notably by providing a forum for networking, communication and collaboration
Regular Activities
  • Participation in European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) in the region
  • Organization of Erasmus Mundus pre-departure briefing for newly selected students
  • Close cooperation with the EU Delegations in the region
  • Networking event within the region and within each member countries
  • Promoting Erasmus Mundus through social networks and events
Special Activity
  • Promoting Erasmus Mundus through  EM – SEA  promotion volunteers.

The country based communication platform for Erasmus Mundus Alumni and prospect students. 
ERASMUS MUNDUS Students and Alumni Association – Chinese Chapter
Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association - Chinese Chapter (EMACC) unites EM alumni from the Greater China region (incl. mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan).
The mission of EMACC is to serve the interests of Erasmus Mundus students and alumni from the Greater China region, by providing a forum for networking, communication and collaboration. It also publicises Erasmus Mundus as a European programme of excellence in the region.
  • EM alumni networking and experience sharing
  • Pre-departure events for newly selected Erasmus Mundus students and scholars
  • Participation in EU and the region bilateral dialogues in education, youth, and culture
  • Participation with EU delegation in European Higher Education Fairs
  • Campus promotion events in more than 25 top universities across the region

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